Triactive Laser

From one of the world’s major laser manufacturers was born one of the most effective and comfortable cellulite reduction solutions.

The Deka Triactive cellulite reduction system is designed to dramatically reduce the appearance of cellulite through the combined action of a localised cooling system, rhythmic massage and deep laser stimulation. The deep massaging and stimulating action on the subcutaneous tissue allow toxin elimination and tissue oxygenation, thus creating a smoother appearance of the skin.

The Result: Your body is always in shape.

The three elements the Triactive uses are:

  1. Stimulation; The laser action stimulates blood micro circulation within the veins and arteries while also increasing lymphatic capacity.
  2. Cooling Cryotherapy aids in cellulite reduction by reducing oedema and stimulating vascular activity in combination with the laser.
  3. Massage; A penetrating massage also stimulates lymph-drainage that provides greater elasticity and flexibility to the skin.

To try this amazing treatment call us to book your initial consultation to determine what you can achieve.