LED Light Therapy

This wonderfully non-invasive skin rejuvenation system utilises the latest technology in LED light sources. These very special light emission sources only shine very specific colours of light onto your skin.

Light has a different wavelength allowing it to penetrate the skin to the important Dermal Layer. Certain cells within this layer of the skin are photo-reactive and are stimulated by the presence of the colours of the light spectrum providing energy for the formation and repair of the cellular building blocks that give your skin its firmness. There is no heat, no invasive treatments, no discomfort, just a bright light shining on your skin.

The LED system we chose at Skinology emits the 7 colours / wavelengths in the visible spectrum and the different colours of light all have different target structures in the skin. LED is particularly good at significantly increasing micro-circulation to the skin. It can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and can increase the absorption of any cosmeceuticals we use on your skin in our treatments. It is also great for stimulating rejuvenation and reducing inflammation. Blue and red light are also very effective at increasing porphyrin in the skin, which are natural chemicals that fight bacteria deep in our skin, Eg. Acne.

The result is improved skin tone, firmness and clarity of your skin. For the best results a series of treatments is recommended after an initial consultation by your therapist.