Cosmetic Tattooing

With the recent improvements within the industry Cosmetic Tattooing or Permanent Makeup has become enormously popular. Techniques have improved and end results look more natural. It can have a dramatic and positive effect giving definition to the brow, lip or eye line. Unlike a body tattoos a cosmetic tattoo isn’t permanent, it fades out over time and requires top ups every few years.

Cosmetic Tattooing can enhance your natural features and take years off your appearance. Eyebrows are the most popular procedure. It can change and improve the natural brow shape by lifting, filling in gaps, hiding scares, thickening and lengthening.

There are several options available now;

  • The Solid Brow; lasts the longest
  • The Shaded Brow
  • Hair Strokes or Feathering; follows the natural hair growth to blend with natural brow hairs

At first the colour will look dark and shiny and will take up to 3 weeks to fades out to its permanent shade.

The most suitable colour pigment, styles, brow shapes and techniques are discussed in a consultation with one of our technicians who have many years of experience between them.

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